Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Twitter TV

It was announced today that Twitter and the folks that bring us the Office and Ugly Betty have signed papers for Twitter related TV, but not officially "Twitter". As much as I like a GOOD reality show "I have to ask is this safe" and if safety is to be addressed is this good tv?

Is it safe to have America tracking either celebrities that don't know they are being tracked, or is it interesting tracking celebs that are aware of it. Either way to me it is unsafe or unsavory. I don't want to watch people look for celebrities that are purposely waiting for them. And it's not safe to send people hunting random celebrities unaware. The paparazzi do enough of that don't you think?

Celebrities such as Demi Moore, Sara Gilbert and Kirstie Alley have made references to leaving Twitter if such a show comes to be. In this case the thing that has made Twitter a phenomenon could be it's undoing. Reelfans.com has created a twitter based petition to stop this before it happens in the interest of keeping Twitter the thing we have come to enjoy and keeping the celebrities safe. Follow us at twitter.com/no_twitstalktv to let these talented people on both sides know how you feel. In my mind this is simply a bad idea.


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