Saturday, April 10, 2010

Get on the Chuck Wagon

I just became addicted to Chuck this year and by addicted I mean super obsessed. This show literally dimmed other shows to me, making favorite shows seem sub-par. Of course as an online film and TV critic I know about the shaky start Chuck has had with ratings. I don't understand the lack of ratings but okay I get it.

This season Chuck is fighting for his life yet again and I can't let him die being the fan that I am and the short amount of time I have had with team Bartowski. Besides, Chuck's career as a spy is just beginning. As the owner of I have to try to help. My first plan of attack is @CHUCK_Wagon on Twitter. Each follower will act as a signature for a petition. Before decisions are made I will send my followers list to NBC, provided I'm not sending only twenty names to the big wigs in H-town, we need hundreds and/or thousands. I have yet to devise part two. I have posted an article in the TV section at asking how we can save Chuck. If you as a reader have an idea, by all means write it in the comments on that article page.

NBC wants to see that large crowds are watching Chuck. I don't know anyone that has started at season one on DVD or watched live from the beginning who is not in love with this show. Your TIVO recordings don't count to the network though. Even though you may watch religiously, the advertisers are not being satisfied that you are being fully exposed to their products. We may have to get in touch with the sponsors and let them know how many people are actually seeing their ads. I am grasping at straws, but in the end we will succeed. If you haven't already voted at for Chuck go to and click the "Save One Show" link in "Watch With Kristen" and vote. Also write #SOSCHUCK in your Tweets. There are also some Chuck support shirts at, but the main concern is voting at eonline and following the @CHUCK_Wagon.

My next blog will be on another topic, but we must overcome...


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  1. As for product placement, you can tell NBC (and Apple) that I shelled out £335 on an iPhone (at least partly) because Chuck an Sarah have them.