Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not Helpless in California

Right off the bat I will tell you that this particular blog is not entertainment related. This is one of those moments in my life where I have to say something and really entertainment pales in comparison to this topic

I don't think I stand alone when I say I have never felt so helpless at any time in my life when it comes to life in America. I woke up sick with a cold this morning and I had to stop for once in a long time. When I was able to drag myself to the living room couch I turned on the only channel that I clearly received with my super cyborg rabbit ears. The broadcast lottery wheel decided to land on "Today" and "Regis & Kelly". Before R&K ended, I sat through no less than ten political ads in one break. As I watched I found myself getting angry, and not because of the ridiculous quantity of ads that I waded through. These politicians may actually be heroes or villains in reality but today's political advertising is so bad that no one will ever know the truth. One ad will paint Meg Whitman as the enemy while the next one touts her a great human being and businesswoman. I mention Meg Whitman because she is a businesswoman from the tech world moving into the political arena. The true fact is, that based on these ads, no one really knows anything substantial.

For example here is a frustrating scenario: Candidate for California Governor Meg Whitman, former CEO of EBAY,  fired her housekeeper of ten years when she found out her employee was an illegal. At first look this sounds like typical politics. It looks as though Ms. Whitman dumped her trash so that she looked better as a candidate for Governor. Now I can see this side but what about this side: When researching before running for Governor, Meg Whitman found that the documents her housekeeper used to apply for the job were fake. What would you do? In other words you find that an employee that has access to your home, your children and your valuables every day used a stolen Social Security number and falsified documents to LIE TO YOU for your money and trust, what would you do? Remember, the person who owns that SS number is also a victim of identity fraud. I guess if you are perfect, you keep that person in your employ, forgive them and dismiss their CRIMES and get elected right?. The fact is if Meg Whitman had kept her housekeeper employed she would still be on the chopping block for employing an illegal. Make no mistake, this will be exploited by her opponent either way. The bottom line: YOU CAN'T WIN IN POLITICS.

I got to thinking that through the internet, we as "the regular people" have more of an instant influence on media and government than at any other time in history, yet we live day-to-day hopeless and angry at the people we put in government. We take what they give us which is nothing but empty promises, as well as a few scandals now and again and ACCEPT IT. Now don't forget, they (Politicians) are not sacrificing, nor are the special interest groups, WE, THE PEOPLE THEY WORK FOR ARE. How many businesses do you know of where the employees live better than the employers? While most of us are cutting back only to struggle more, the California government can't decide by a deadline how to spend our money and so government grunts living like you and I don't get paychecks. If I'm late for a deadline, I get fired folks, and my job doesn't affect lives of families.

The US was founded on the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for all Americans.  But what kind of life do we have when our liberties and our ability to pursue happiness are taxed away and squandered so that we can pay banks off for being crooked? This is not living, this is not liberty and how many of you are happy, or even have hope of future happiness? There is only one solution then... Take it back. Legally, peacefully and with integrity, take it back. If you have a keyboard and an internet connection get to it. Your words mean something and OUR words mean a lot more.

If groups on Facebook can get shows back on the air and twitterbugs can get things done in Hollywood, why can't it work with government. Votes put these people in office, and your voice represents a vote. OUR VOICES REPRESENT VOTES. Respectfully voice your anger at the politicians that piss you off, and get others to join in with you. Tell them they shouldn't be spending your money on big dinners and trips when your school doesn't have paper. Politicians usually have e-mail addresses and websites, some of them are even on Twitter and Facebook. Now is the time to speak (in text form), because the current system is broken and the old ways can't fix it.

As I talk about this now, I will be working on a way to practice what I preach, but don't wait for me or anyone else to get our butts in gear. Get to it and let me know what you are doing.

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